Double trouble: Germany’s schizophrenic health insurance system



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victoria janniffer 295 days ago

Health Insurance Lawyer

Hi, in the article you mentioned the name of a health insurance lawyer - can you add the name here? I need one because as you say, the system is a nightmare1

Gina more than 1 year ago

<<<<nightmare for freelancers

<<<<nightmare for freelancers who register for private via KSK, and then start getting bills for 1500 per month health insurance, not based on actual income. Figures its the pols who are in on it.

Freelance Writer in Berlin more than 2 years ago

How to switch?

Great article. So, if you're a foreigner who is a freelancer (age 39) who has already signed into the Private system, what's the best way to switch into the public system?

Mia Lee more than 3 years ago

How to switch back

You have to find a new job as an employee!

L. A. more than 3 years ago

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