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Ex-Berliner guilty, too

Ex-Berliner is guilty of exploitation, too, employing staff on a freelance basis for shamefully low pay -- someone's pocketing the profits, and it's not the writers and editors working for the magazine

m more than 2 years ago

So true...

Good call for pointing this out.

Jonas more than 2 years ago


I was just about to point this out!! Freelancers and interns, that's who run this magazine. Quite ironic to release article like this, innit?

d more than 2 years ago

Rank hypocrisy

This is so true, Exberliner is kept running by a freelancer and (unpaid) intern farm. Not taking away from the article, I think it raises some good points, but Exberliner essentially embodies all of the bad traits described in it!

Joe more than 2 years ago

A good question

Sarah asks: "I wonder where the supervisory bodies are […] ?"

That is an excellent question, perhaps best answered by investigating the role of liberal government vis-a-vis the interest of private industry and property since the late 18th Century, with the exception of a short (largely cosmetic) hiatus during the Cold War. The hauntology of the Keynesian era in Europe (and to an extent in the Anglo diaspora) of the 1960s and 70s lulls many of us, especially those of us born before 1980-ish, to believe things about the role of liberal government that don't hold up to historical scrutiny. We may find if we look more candidly at what really took place during the last 200 or so years that "the system" may not be "broken" at all, but in many ways is functioning precisely as it is intended to.

Babewyn (aka Josh) more than 2 years ago

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