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foreign investors

if the government passed a law that you could only buy a house if you live in it, that would really help people. Corporations and companies are not people but ideas and thus don't need places to live.
I have no problem with a rich person owning the house I live in, but they should live there too, so we are part of a community. Residents are not people to house owners, just abstract concepts that bring them money.

Dave more than 4 years ago

What about the rent?

luxemburgian corporation yes or no, running a house incurs certain costs. Sewage, real estate taxes, trash collection, street sweeping. The owner is paying for these and not receiving any rent, while at the same time the tenants think they should get to live in a beautiful house and receive all those services for free. How is that supposed to work in the long term?
Please also report on these objective facts when you write about the housing market.

Peter Schäfer more than 4 years ago

The tenants are paying rent

Hi Peter, please read the article more carefully - the tenants that live at Friedelstraße 54 are still paying rent. It's just the Kiezladen owners who stopped, after they'd already been told to evict.

Rene more than 4 years ago

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