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GEMA Sucks for artists

If you are an music artist, do not sign with a GEMA affiliated music company, because you will not be able to get your music to the people through word of mouth links on YouTube, and your career will just die a sudden death, because no one will be able to spread the word about you, so no one will turn up at your gigs, and no one will buy your CDs because they just won't know about you. I've had this problem come up at least once a week over the last year and I have received links that I can't access because of GEMA, many of which I probably would have liked the music and probably bought a CD, but as it stands, I couldn't access the artist, so I didn't go to their gigs,and I didn't buy their music. Simple math, GEMA = minus advertising for you.

The only ones making money from artists are GEMA, and the record companies who get a lot of money because they get a percentage of all their artists, but the greater majority of artists get pennies, and no promotion through the best promotion tool in history, YouTube. If I was a professional musician/singer, I would actually pay YouTube to have my video on their site. Stick with GEMA and you will just fade away.

Raz more than 8 years ago

some wrong information...

Even though this article is better than the casual ill-informed GEMA-bashing, again there is a wrong information hiding here: in order to become "ordentliches" member of GEMA you have to receive €30000 in royalties over 5 consecutive years, not every year. A lot of composers are able to gain this status but are reluctant to do so. As one said: to organize artists is like herding cats.

Andreas Bick more than 8 years ago

Gema over?

I would like pay if GEMA would care about the artist....Dj/producer do not get money from them.

Lorenzo Panico more than 9 years ago

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