Greek elections, the end of Europe and other German hallucinations



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So many of the articles on the Greek election, even in the Guardian are highly emotional and I can understand why. The problem is we are dealing with massive sums of real money at stake. Syriza has not mentioned anything concrete which can work while Greece is in the Euro zone .Blame the Germans, blame the French banks, blame Juncker, Merkel, IMF etc blame Greek tax cheats. There are some serious fundamentals in which a tiny economy from Greece will have to be reliant forever on other countries if it remains in the Euro zone. Your leaders wanted hard currency and took up the Euro despite it ultimately not being a good idea. Best to leave the Euro and have the Drachma again. And you should look at the SNB unpegging the CHF from the Euro and what that ultimately means, it's fear that there will be a rush on the CHF again, fear of ECB QE, fear of a weak EU economy. The only way for Greeks to determine their future again is outside of the Euro zone (not necessarily outside of the EU). Thought the fact that post-Treaty of Maastricht European countries still want to behave sovereign, especially those in the Eurozone is truly baffling.

Abby more than 6 years ago


and in Kanada, we are excited and celebrating, too!! here's to people all over the world regaining power!

Adrian more than 6 years ago

I'm quite sure...

that I am not the only German that is equally excited!!!

qwert more than 6 years ago

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