"Hope is irrational"



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Still time to apply for an absentee ballot

There still is time to apply for an absentee ballot: Two websites for online-assisted registration are: www.overseasvotefoundation.org and www.votefromabroad.org.
Whether you are registering for the first time or just applying for an absentee ballot, you need to sign the form and send it in then by e-mail (as a scanned-in attachment) or regular mail (optional most everywhere).
(PS. I'm the guy mentioned in the article)

Alan Benson more than 8 years ago

Here is Why You Will Vote

What do American want when they say "Hope". They already have a president who is probably the most intelligent man ever elected to the office, who has shown a rare ability to speak truthfully to the people (without the distortions of unction or charisma), who has displayed a willingness to compromise in order to achieve reforms rather than stand impotently upon principals. No, that they find disillusioning. What they want it a king. They expect someone who has the power to make everything happen in four short years in spite of a congress bent on his downfall; to decree things rather than foster them. Most Americans are adult children, looking for a patriarchal leader instead of a chief executive. They are too far removed from reality to care about learning how their own political system works, too far removed from totalitarianism to appreciate the balance of powers that restrict the President. Well I for one am not jaded. I still see hope in a President entering a second term where his reelection prospects are no longer a concern, where he can fight harder and be less accountable to the emotional whims of those aforementioned children. The Republicans set out to demoralize his base but cutting down ever effort he has made to help the country recover from their former leadership. What enervates my "hope" is that the base is buying into it. If you are not enthusiastically behind the President in this election then stay abroad, because you are a simple child and you have no right to call yourself part of the American democracy.

GoBama more than 8 years ago

Hope is irrational

what people tend to forget is the mess Obama inherited,the world today is far much better than it was with Bush in the office.The tensions,war, bloodshed......If americans are foolish enough to return a Republican in the white house,so be it.

Terry Muvanya-wischmann more than 8 years ago

7 Years Removed - Why I Will Vote

Really not enthusiastic about the selection this term. I have not voted in more than 7 years. HOWEVER, I see a clearer fate for the U.S. if we all, here in Berlin, with the right to vote, simply fill a few forms out! Like many, I still have family and friends back home and although, it is no longer my problem (America), it is still my responsibility to do the right thing for those, I love, and fought for this mere right. I registered for my absentee ballot yesterday. I think tomorrow is the last day for the State of NY. Check your State deadline date ASAP if you believe in make some type of difference no matter how small.

Jay more than 8 years ago

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