How to make it as an actor

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Agency for Actors

This is a great agency:

I am trying to apply there soon, hope they take me!


Beatrice more than 5 years ago

Take Acting Classes

There are so many acting classes, courses and workshops in Berlin. Make sure that you chose your acting teachers based on their achievements as professional actors. Make sure that the acting courses are build with a professional structure and that you learn their the technique and not only (an illusional inspiration of an emotional chaos). for more information please feel free to contact me through the website

John more than 7 years ago


my name is ariel i'm from israel and i would like to get details about acting clasees in English for professional actors in Berlin

Ariel lavi more than 2 years ago


"Salt" made $290 million from a $110 million budget... Even when factoring in marketing costs, it's what is generally viewed as a hit, not a flop. The sequel is in the works...

Meh... more than 9 years ago


Not a single word abour black-face....

Gyavira Lasana more than 9 years ago


I want to be movie actor

Momodou 16 days ago

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