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Männer don't cry

Abuse against men is often overlooked and occurs more than you'd expect.
After all... "she's a nice little gal and she couldn't possibly hit anyone"... though when she does strike, a guy is supposed to sit back and take it like a good sport and most guys will, as they've been brought up to not hit a woman. And this prevents a lot of men form seeking help. That, and the "emasculating" factor and the embarrassment and simply the fact that noone would believe him, since it is automatically assumed that men are ALWAYS the perpetrators. And I'm not even going into sexual abuse against men...

Slapping-bitch more than 8 years ago

it is ever so odd with numbers

Slightly funny, but Andreas Mayer von der Polizeilichen Kriminalprävention der Länder und des Bundes gives different numbers. In cases of the violence against men the perpetrator would still be most likely to be a man - up to 98,1%.

Und auch, wenn Gewalt sich nicht gegen Frauen sondern gegen Männer richtet, ist der Täter in 98,1 Prozent der Fälle ein Mann. "Gewalt ist männlich", sagt Mayer, "und kommt in allen gesellschaftlichen Schichten vor." http://www.tagesschau.de/inland/gewaltgegenfrauen102.html

exhebiture more than 8 years ago

History of violence

Interesting article. From what the poor guy says, it seems as if he became used to violence in family relationships and may unwittingly have gone for the same, as somewhere deep down it "felt right", regardless of how it was in objective reality. The wife clearly has extreme anger issues, probably from her childhood too. It's a shame.

Nickolas more than 8 years ago

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