My perfect Berlin weekend: Mz Sunday Luv

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Hasty judgment Kathryn

Kathryn, here is some general information about "swastika" :

I love this artist!

Morgane more than 9 years ago


We know that girl , she is a Fascist, she has a giant swastika tattoed on her back. a "positive" swastika she says.
This is sad.

Kathryn more than 9 years ago

whats with all the hate?

I guess your perfect day is being unfriendly on the interenet?

CW more than 9 years ago


Why would you go from Kreuzberg to Mauerpark then all the way back to Neukoln? Bit of a diversion to smoke a joint in an ugly park?

Paul Smith more than 9 years ago


This so called performer is an annoying pretentious asshole can't believe you are supporting her!

Rose more than 9 years ago

Thanks, Exberliner

Yeah, that sucks. This is why more and more people are realizing Berlin is just a dumping ground for pretentious mid-20's fakers without enough money or guts to cut it in Brooklyn. Pathetic. Next time at least give the space to someone with something to say.

Cameron more than 9 years ago

Stadtbad Neukölln

Better don't stop there. It's closed in the summer ;-)

Artur more than 10 years ago

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