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It's interesting how the world works.

Everyone likes to travel by air and wants their airport to be conveniently situated and yet nobody wants an airport near them and nobody wants flights passing within 1000km of where they live. A tricky situation. So the airport must be close to the city...but not within a 1000 kilometers of any living person.

As I type this (in my Wedding apartment) I have a plane flying over me. Most of the people protesting are from the more wealthy areas of Berlin.
Would they protest if Berlin opened an airport in a poorer part of Berlin? Of course not.

Another plane has just flown over me.

So that's literally 2 planes in 5 minutes. Is it ruining my life? No. Some of the arguments I have heard from these people could be seen as nothing more than a joke. They claim that living in a flight path will cause fatalities from stress. Well I've been living here for quite a while and I appear to still be alive. In fact I rarely even notice the sound of the planes and when they do fly over the duration of the sound lasts a little longer than 1 minute.

I very much comes across as "We don't want planes here because we're too good for that, go shift them on some poor, crappy part of Berlin."

Jim more than 9 years ago

Boston activists may have ideas for this group

I am an American environmental lawyer who lived in Boston when it was seeking to expand its airport, which has flight paths that fly directly over homes. I strongly suggest that this group reach out to people in other cities around the world, like Boston, and find out how they fought this sort of thing. I am not familiar with German law, but I suspect that once the airport opens, the fight will get more significantly more difficult.

Veronica Eady Famira more than 9 years ago

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