Parcel madness. Why isn’t DHL delivering?



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More details about Paketshop

You're article is great but please include more information the Paketshop or lockers. Only one sentence! What's the easiest way to sign up for someone who is still learning derdiedas and didn't know there is more!??

Lucas more than 2 years ago

paket shop

There is always someone at my delivery address, but it's rare that DHL ever deliver here.
We are five doors along from a Paket Shop, thankfully, so it's no real problem to pick packages up from there - IF we get the notification that they ARE there.
Every afternoon around 5pm there are half a dozen DHL trucks parked outside the paket shop.
Here's the problem though - when I use DHL I am paying for a service, and 90% of the time they are not supplying me with the service I pay for. If I operated my business like that I would lose customers.
Saying all this though, I am a massive fan of the postal service. I can send letters and packages to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!! I find that pretty fantastic!

Theo Van Schopes more than 2 years ago


DHL = Deutsche Post... it's the same company

MTF more than 2 years ago

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