Pensions: Who's gonna pay?



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welfare benefits for single female pensioner.

l have NEVER been able find out how much per week a single, female pensioner would get, in addition to wohngeld ( housing benefit)
l am 65 and was born as a german, to a german mother, but lost that nationality when my parents married a few months later. l then aquired british nationality, as my father was british.

l have worked in england but never in germany. l receive hb, a state pension, pension credit and attendance allowance.

lf l moved to germany permanently l could only take my state pension and attendence allowance with me, no pension credit, so the question is; would they then pay wohngeld,ie housing benefit, plus an extra amount like pension credit, in germany? and how much would it be?

lf anybody know the answer for sure l would love to hear.

Karin more than 8 years ago

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