“Republicans are more intelligent and love America”

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She's a wonderful anchor, but makes some pretty nasty overgeneralizations.

Heather DeLisle is certainly one of the best news anchors I've ever seen. I've been religiously watching Deutsche Welle since 2004 and it took me about five years before I realized that Heather DeLisle is so far to the right in her own personal views. That means she is able to deliver the news impartially without throwing in her own two cents, which I think many anchors here in the US need to learn.

However, I take major issue with the over-generalizations she makes about those of us who would love to live in Berlin, especially since she actually has the privilege to do so. Berlin is a wonderful place and there's nothing that says I hate America when I say that I'd like to live in Berlin. And it is ridiculous that she still holds onto this conservative meme (circa 2004) that if you don't like the President, you must hate America. After all, she claims to love America, yet has nothing but absolute contempt for our current President.

Automaat more than 10 years ago

“Republicans are more intelligent and love America”

Fantastic responses by a woman in possession of a sharp intellect (and tongue), Germany are generally brainwashed by their supercilious media into a complacent sense of superiority which is as laughable as it is ridiculous. A typical German knows and understands as little about Americans, as Americans understand about Germans. The only difference is a typical American will admit to knowing very little about Germany, whereas a German will think himself well-informed. The rote Anti-American agitprop that stands for "news" and "facts" in the German media in particular, and the European media in general, is risible and spreads the ignorance wide and deep...of course while presenting itself as intellectually hones analysis. One need only to tune into German television or read its newspapers and magazines to observe large parts of the German citizenry sinking into utter white-trash stupidity. The media is culprit. Ms. De Lisle is a necessary voice for a side of the debate that is usually denied the general population.

Alexander Ackley R.A. more than 10 years ago

we poor germans

Don't know what's going on over there in America, cause we're sitting here. But thanks there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is named Heather De Lisle. Obama couldn't do prodigies - everybody should have known that - at leat everboby who could differentiate between campaigning and reality. And at the very least he's still an American politican who have to struggle with the republicans.

And the german economy wasn't safed by "crazy Kurzarbeit" but by serve the banks. but this money must be safed now by other positions and it's only getting worse.

Besides maybe you're knowing some exceptions, but apart form that you're displaying your cluelessness when you say something like that: "No, I’d say the East is more pro-American."

H. more than 10 years ago

driven mad

Heather´s not the only one being driven mad by the Germans. Me and Hendryk M. Broder are at least 2 more

onlyfamily more than 10 years ago


The US Census Bureaus breaks the US into four main geographical regions, sorry that you were confused regarding what "middle America" geographical region I was referring to. I specifically meant the Midwest, in which case the "sweeping portion" I referred to consists of Minnestota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. And Missouri was only .1% away from being a blue state that year as well. However, if we're going to use your definition of non-border, non-coastal, I was unaware that the Great Lakes now define coastal states as well. But thanks for the lesson! For our next lesson, can we cover math please? Then we can go over that 53%>47% equation again...

Jen more than 10 years ago

Dear, dear Jen

Sweeping portions of geographically middle America? While I don't care to comment on your adverb selection, I must point out that Iowa, Colorado and Nevada are the only non-border/coastal states that voted for Obama. Not exactly sweeping.

Expat with a brain more than 10 years ago

Heather de Lisle

First of all, kudos on the Sarrazin responses, because I think her perception on that one is right on. However, as for American political parts? It is rather ironic that Heather de Lisle has spent her life growing up abroad as a self-described military brat, yet she somehow believes her perception and representation of "middle America" is more valid than the 53% of Americans (and sweeping portions of geographical middle America) who voted for Obama.
As for all liberal Americans living here "hating their country"- please. I have done more for my country than you have by filling a sociopathic niche on local television shows and expressing your views with such, um, eloquent language.

Jen more than 10 years ago


It is not Armed Forces Network..it is American Forces Network.

This is AFN!

non-com more than 10 years ago



is she trying to reinforce German's opinions of "stupid Americans?".
If so, she is fully succeeding :)

Posted by Jana December, 27 2010 11:50:21

Jana must be German

onlyfamily more than 10 years ago

no matter what she says I

just love Rik`s, the "old Ami`s" lovely daughter...

onlyfamily more than 10 years ago

In the US, she'd be considered center-left.

At least by talk show bookers, who would put her on t.v. for "balance" whenever Ann Coulter or Pat Buchanan show up. But then, certain types of sociopaths will say or do whatever is required to bring a little attention their way...

Clarifier more than 10 years ago


God's zoo is very big indeed.

jim west more than 10 years ago

not very clever girl

She claims to be more intelligent than Palin and on par with Coulter (wtf?) but only manages to come up with some worn-out conspiracy theories about Obama and a couple of stupid (and wrong) facts about Germany (i.e. Kurzarbeit worked "somehow"). She's not culturally literate (insulting the French etc.) but then accuses others of racism. Poor show.

wow more than 10 years ago

She's not conservative enough to be accepted by Americans...

I am an American who resents America, and to me this woman sounds too well educated to fit in here. For one thing, she has short hair. No Republican woman in her "right" mind would want to look like anything other than a housewife with flowing hair. If this woman wants to be the next Ann Coulter, she had better start talking more about abortion issues as well. Is she religious? If not, than she might be more of an American Democrat, or perhaps an American Libertarian. Fear not Germany, this woman is not threatening to run for President or thrust your country into more war. If she is, I think there is a solid opposition that can stop her.
Believe me...once I save up enough money and pay off my mountain of students loans, I am leaving America.

WannabeExpat more than 10 years ago

'Nuff Said

Wow, just wow.

1.) Andrew, the current immigration debate in Germany, unlike in the U.S. is not about what color people to let in if any at all, but what qualifications they should have. Personally, I don't think either conversation really hits the problematic nail on the head, but to conclude that the country which is worried about qualifications and not color is racist seems a bit of the mark.

2) Refutation of her central argument:

Whatsittoyou more than 10 years ago


Oh come on and get a sense of humour, folks... she obviously has one -- rare, perhaps, for a gun-toting fascist, but nevertheless... Germans criticizing the US for its social problems is just valid and ridiculous as the US criticizing Germany for its (frankly appalling) problem with non-whites.

Andrew more than 10 years ago


is she trying to reinforce German's opinions of "stupid Americans?".
If so, she is fully succeeding :)

Jana more than 10 years ago


"the Germans need to sort out their racism issues"... like, the Germans in general, all of them? And isn't calling the French "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys" quite racist? or even blatantly racist?

Andreas more than 10 years ago


''Seriously. The entire nation is sinking into idiocy..'' I'm sorry - did an AMERICAN just say this about a European nation with thousands of years of culture and recorded history?
How she has the chutzpah to regard any other nation on the planet as even vaguely as potentially idiotic as her own astonishes me - she should get a look at the recent UK documertary ''The American Dream''... I wonder if she is either self-deprecating in a 'tease the foreigners'' kind of way, or if she really believes that the Republican Right-Wing is touting a sensible vision for America and the World's future.. Let's hope that it is the former, as 'Devil's Advocat'e can, I suppose be used as an excuse for inane, uninformed and thoughtless commentary.. ;)

Mikey The Ex-Munsterer ;) more than 10 years ago

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