Douching: A friendly guide



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How to actually get clean:

Expert ey? It bugs me deeply that your ultimate conclusion is " Shit happens”, Unacceptable!
If you're going to write a guide, Do it properly. My knowledge is much more extensive, But I’ll keep it brief.
Personally, anal sex is an occasional thing for me, Due to the fact of it disturbing the gut.
Thorough douching, generous lube use and a penis thrusting can be quite harsh on the gut.
This irritation can make STD’s extremely easy to get, BTW
Here is my cleaning guide if you care to try:
Firstly, Let’s start at the root of the problem – FOOD! Wow really?
You mean fasting could eliminate the need for douching? Not entirely, but almost!
You will have poop in your anus/colon from before you started your fast and this will still need to be cleaned out.
But fasting makes the process very much easier in my opinion.
I use a shower douche, which is basically just a hose, and a long 12” dildo during douching to “probe” for any surprises.
The water-based lube I use, serves to further soften anything up there.
Basically, fast all day, douche, wait an hour then douche again.
You will be as squeaky clean as it gets, anyone that refuses to eat you out after this is an asshole.
After your first douching you could go out for dinner, then douche a second time at home and FINALLY, bang your partners brains out.
Never have anal sex directly after douching, you will get diarrhea on your partners dick and will you both be traumatized for a while. Unless he’s into that, in which case, get another man. Lol JK
The lube I generally use is Durex Play 2-in-1 Intimate Lube and Massage Gel Soothing Aloe Vera
This is the most inert of the lubes I have found. The anal lining is sooo sensitive, Get the right lube!
Anything with glycerin or flavorings will burn, anything stimulating or warming will burn.
But maybe you’re into a little burn, I am not.
If the lube dries out add a little water, not more lube!
Also, since you have gotten this far, you might as well shave around your ass.
I find that the hair follicles around the sphincter going in and out along with the object/penis can cause tiny scratches/tears which can lead to irritation.
But don’t shave on the day you intend to douche, Shave a day or two beforehand.
Poop and Diarrhea water flowing over freshly shaven skin will cause severe irritation.
Trust me.
That is all for now.

AnalMaster420 more than 1 year ago

Shit up

Proof again of who wants to know details...
"I don’t know a gay man on this planet, myself included, who hasn’t been on both sides of this struggle"
Pride week and heteros should all know about analysis, yuk!
No hate speech, just sick of more shit, sorry.

Bob more than 2 years ago


Nice article, but frankly, I don't get the fuss around the shit (pun intended). To me it was never an issue to see that... and I've seen more than tiny bits of it in my dick and in my bed sheets as well. So what? It's an ass, not a soft ice cream machine. As long as we can clean it after-fact, there is no nothing to fuss about. Love your ass and let yourself be loved back, people.

Ass3 more than 2 years ago


The right way is to eat fibrous food the day before, fast during the day do an enema, wait, do an enema, wait, probe, etc.. until you are squeaky clean. Then you can take anti-diarrehea meds, that help with water absorption and 1-2 hours after the last clean you are good to go, you can even eat before sex.
There won't be ANY shit left, it'll be more clean than a vag.

fkcu more than 1 year ago

Douching 101

Bless you Cameron, Dear! This article is the kind of sh_t (pun intended) the community(-ies) need(s) more of. Journalism by and about queers can get mired in topics like the joys of hyphenated marriage or how lousy it is to be queer in fossil fuel producing country X. Whereas these are good topics too, emancipation only comes of re-writing the user manual for our interaction with ourselves and others. I taught myself to douche just like i taught myself to shave (both back when dinosaurs were young). I managed. But that ain't how community is supposed to work. Thank you for caring!

Babewyn (aka Josh) more than 2 years ago

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