(S)hit and run

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you buy the food you put in your dog
so why can't you buy the bags to clean up what comes out of your dog?
the government doesn't give me free toilet paper

stop being lazy, selfish cunts and clean up after your dog

p.s. I love dogs, but I think it's cruel to keep one in a city if you have no garden. I'm pretty much of the opinion these days that owning a pet is not far off owning a slave...

Dave more than 2 years ago

I agree

I agree... Even for a cat, it is the saddest thing to see. Cats need a yard or at least the biggest house possible with a place to get fresh air. Dogs need to have their own space in their own yard. It's torture for everyone in the city with the dog poo. One day, there will be cameras and traffic violation style photos of guilty dog owners, all because some people won't just clean up their dogs.

Gah 270 days ago

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