Save Berlin: CBGB Syndrome



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Noisy club-goers

Although I agree that it's unfair for someone to expect silence in their neighbourhood after 11pm and that people moving into areas with nightclubs nearby should be aware of potential noise during the night, I don't think it's fair to label everyone who has a problem with noise after hours as whiny or unreasonable.

I live in an area with night-life spots nearby (although let's face it, who in Berlin doesn't live within a few hundred metres of a club/bar/cafe that opens late) and don't have a problem with the venues. However, I have a real problem with party-goers who feel the need to walk down my street in the middle of the night on their way home shouting at the top of their voices. They know full well that they are in a residential area and that people (including many families with children) are trying to sleep. However, they simply don't care.

I have nothing against the night-life spots and of course enjoy them myself. I just think a little bit of consideration wouldn't go amiss.

James Topping more than 8 years ago

stop your holiday at 10 o'clock

every german should leave public places and outdoor areas of bars, restaurants and camping places in all over europe at 10 o'clock sharp during his holidays
... the other people could stay ...
until we realize, that there is a life after 10!

jojakim (born in westberlin) more than 9 years ago


I completely agree with you.
"Horrified to discover they’re in a vibrant, rowdy metropolis like Berlin, they feel compelled to make it over in the image of the quiet, sleepy town from which they came"....perfectly put.

The SO36 fiasco is another case in point. Man moves in to an apartment next to legendary club in Kreuzberg, man complains about noise from concert and club nights, club is threatened with closure, club is forced to spend thousands of euros on building an isolation wall.
How stupid can someone be, to not check out an area before moving into it?

Pfister Berlin more than 9 years ago

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