Save Berlin: The red scare



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Nice plattenbau crap

This whole article is full of false information. There's not a single plattenbau to be torn down in the city centre (why should they, people love to live in them, it is almost impossible to get an apartment). I also don't see the point of the "lack of individualism" clishe --> Go into 10 buildings of Prenzlauer Berg altbauten, always choose the same floor - the floorplans will be almost identical, 'cause the altbauten were made in mass production, too. Incl. the stuck inside and outside - there were dozens of factories only to manufacture stuck for the poor quality altbauten. Don't forget, the altbauten, esp. in the city centre, were built for the poorest of the poor - plattenbauten were built for everyone.
There is no plattenbau (not even in original conditions) in Mitte, that existis twice. Every plattenbau has an individual facade, there are hundreds if not thousands of completely different floor plans.
This article is terribly written and denounces the people who live in prefabs.

martin more than 7 years ago

I love my Plattenbau

Hi, this is a very old article that i just found and read now in 2017, still i find it really important to state my oppinion on this fact cause yes, people still tell me this even in 2017 (that Plattenbaus are ugly).
i came to live to Berlin 3 years ago and i extra picked to live in a Plattenbau, i come from a family of architects and i ve come to love and apreciate what plattenbaus stand for in terms of modern arquitecture, they are bold, gracious and functional, some are prettier than others but in general nothing so different from any other style. I really wish people ( and specially young people) would think 2 seconds on why they think Platten are ugly, is this political motivated maybe? anyhow, your article here is very biased and a bit full of hate i will say. dissapointing.. i liked exberliner... cheers

Rafa more than 4 years ago

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