Save Berlin: A tale of two condos



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come on gov

This is just isnt true the river is a dump for rich brats.
They dont want a modern city and can afford to do nothing.
There taking Neukolln,Moabit and Wedding now there was no vote on that.
Has this city every had good leadership.

joe bentley more than 6 years ago

this was overdue

Good on Berlin to get plenty plenty of new development housing projects. This is way overdue and I would be happy to see more of them, finally Berlin climbs to new heights. I am now 57 and I hope I can still live in a modern and developed Berlin before I die, I came to Berlin in 1985. For now Berlin is not a metropolis, just a small town in Germany compared to London or Istanbul.

Richter Frank more than 7 years ago

This is not an objective article.

This feels really one sided as if the writer has a personal vendetta. I would have liked to read a more objective piece that talks about the pros and cons of modernized housing for Berlin.

curious more than 7 years ago

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