Save Berlin: Is Holzmarkt doomed?



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Incomplete article

You've done a great job of summarising facts that have led up to this point, but you haven't explained how the current situation (the loss of control over the Eckwerk property) is a problem to the Holzmarkt, and Kater Blau in particular. Schmidt's and Gewobag's insistence to build apartments will mean that noise ordinances will effectively force the club and the Holzmarkt operators to close at 9 PM. Some investigative journalism might be in order to better understand the relationship and series of forced transactions between Schmidt and Gewobag. #justsayin

Concerned Citizen more than 2 years ago

This article is a mess. Go back and re-write.

What the hell. This is half an article and a confused one at that. It says "Holzmarkt is doomed" and then doesn't have a single word about what the Eckwerk project has to do with the "doom" of Holzmarkt or if there's any connection whatsoever between the two,apart from the fact the the founders are the same people. According to the article, they're separate projects on separate pieces of land! Maybe several paragraphs were left out?

Person who can read more than 2 years ago

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