Save Berlin: The cranes are back!

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The lakes are under threat

The apartment programs are now destroying Wansee and Muggelsee areas. It's not just rich people but non EU immigration that fuelling the destruction, look at the destruction of forest and walkway areas. It's not just nature and walls under threat it is historic roads like Unter den Linden that have been dug up and gentrified to resemble life sucking blandness. The only way to save Berlin is to let the Berliners know exactly what is at stake and that includes doing it Berlin wall style - graffitti


Mike4 more than 6 years ago

Hoodlum Germans

Berlin is a fucked up city but no one gives a shit, which is awesome. East Side Gallery is a tourist attraction and duh everyone loves it and I think its great that we're fighting for what we love and stuff. I'm glad people arent pussying out in their little apartments eating asparagus but actually give a shit and take it to the streets like the real hoodlum germans they are.

Stoner more than 8 years ago

Oh the irony!

A protest to keep the wall up! Brilliant! Even more ironic is the suggestion that it is only going to be temporarily removed. The section of the East Side Gallery is being taken down to access the building site, and then it will be put back. The luxury flats will be sold as having unique proximity to his historical landmark.

I appreciate the serious concerns of Berliners - but this is also Berlin. Bizarre ironies or history consuming each other. Priceless.

Dom more than 8 years ago

Berlin is dying, so try to save it!

Sadly Berlin is on its way to being ruined. FK those cranes!!!! I left NYC for Berlin and see Berlin trying to be NYC except there are hardly any jobs in Berlin and Berlin is in debt. The beauty, the fun, the lust for life Berlin was known for has been buried under a filthy mess of greed, corruption, and ineptness. Taking to the streets with placards is good but starting a website of complaints and signatures to save the city and about how the city is going to hell, along with people's homes at stake as well as the city being ruined by greed, etc. is another good start.(And don't forget to bring TXL into the fray) If this continues the city will be devoid of character, a shallow tourist hole for rich people.....ewwww......(even they won't like the new Berlin - I always thought they liked Berlin for its homey grit, not for its alabaster pre fab condos) Complain to all the politicians,including the future wannabes, not just one. Berliners fight back and save yourselves....and the East Side Gallery NOW!!!!!

vanessa more than 8 years ago

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