Soho House to buy Tacheles



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change of character

it's not about the tacheles and its art - it's the whole neighbourhood that's changing, , squaremeter rent for ViveLaWurst doubled; Fish-Pirate gone, Chipps closed down, Nouvelle Cantine still looking for investors, the Curry and Beer spots an Friedrichstraße gonne, too; no big losses, one might be tempted to think;

Twangville more than 9 years ago


Finally a good one: 1st of April joke!

DK more than 9 years ago


"No-one wants to go to Berlin's most famous art-squat and not see any artists! It's like going to an empty zoo,"

april fool more than 9 years ago


Tacheles was already quite a touristic spot, I've never heard of local people hanging around there frequently. Plus, the type of artwork they showed was pretty bad, like souvenir shops. However, these plans exceed the limits of stupidity to insulting levels. Basically they're planning to make a sort of grunge Disneyworld out of it!! I'd rather see Tacheles turning into offices, boutiques or whatever, it would be less cynical.

Oh_Mel more than 9 years ago


Maybe I'm in the minority, but most of what I've seen the "artists" of Tacheles producing is commercial-art-kitsch for tourist consumption. It's clearly out-lived its purpose and I won't be particularly sad to see it go.

Isoperla more than 9 years ago

Seriously // A joke?

Adopt an artist? So that hopefully it's artistic freedom will rub off on it's Soho house parent? Must be a bad joke. Most of the current Soho house clientele have actually little to do with what Tacheles stands for. Curious to see how this develops...

Namy more than 9 years ago



pepe more than 9 years ago

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