State racism and the National Socialist Underground murders



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state racism and the national socialist underground murder

Yes call a spade a spade.Recently a friends son(He is black) received a letter in school with NAZI symbols and a Ku klux Klan and a strong warning threatening to kill him.The letter ofcourse received the attention of the teacher and she send a copy to all parents.I took the letter and went to the nearby police station,the officer on duty told me that that was not a death threat but a case of intimidation. " weeks after i have not received a communique from the officer concerned and the matter seems to have evaporated in thin air. The mother of the victim only received a phone call from the police station "advicing her to get intouch with antidiscrimination organization for help. According to the policeman such cases in scholl are better handled at such organizations rather then the courts!

Terry Muvanya-wischmann more than 8 years ago

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