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Shaving everywhere

As an American who lived in Berlin for (back in 1980's) I had a few German and French girlfriends. I learned to love these women in their natural, unshaved, state and I've never gotten over it. If this sounds ridiculous, how is it most women accept men in their natural state. All this shaving is in fact denying our natural sexuality, one in which hair plays a role.

T. Gonzaga more than 10 years ago

extreme waxing in Edinburgh, Scotland

I had exactly the same experience of a ridiculous waxing experience in a top Edinburgh Beauty Salon when I was pregnant and I too started my waxing business here after that.

more than 11 years ago

women's bodies

When will women just love their bodies the way the are?

Pubic hair serves a purpose.


bad news bear more than 11 years ago

Wax Salons in Neukoelln

Andrea Zimpel's comment is off. Waxing is huge in the middle east...and is done in salons. Assuming it's also among middle-eastern populations in Germany. Were Zimpel to walk a few blocks in any direction, she'd have found tons of waxing parlors/salons with arabic/german signs and special, private detached rooms for women. Yet another piece of evidence that the newest population to settle in Neukoelln hasn't done a better job to integrate itself than the previous is said to have.

Kate more than 11 years ago

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