Berlin creatives: The big bailout



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Thank you and more info please

This was indeed an amazing campaign and the help was greatly appreciated. However, most of us are still in the dark about how we are allowed to spend this money, how we are going be audited, etc. If this was made clearer, we can totally relax. There was no clear information about who was eligible and how the whole thing will be audited. Personally, I don't want to neither get into trouble nor spend money I am actually not eligible for. Thanks :)

Ayşegül more than 1 year ago

How to spend the money?

Aysegül, it depends: applying for the 5000.- of Berlin means, you'll expect at least 5000.- Euro INCOME less next month. So you can use the money for, what ever you would have spend your income. Applying for up to 14.000.- means you expect a certain amount of COST you can't cover due to corona in the next six months to come (rent, leasing...NO WAGES) - so spend the money for this only. Hope that helps

TIM RENNER more than 1 year ago

What to spend money on?

Can you please check this information again? I applied for and received the Soforthilfe II which is great. As a freelancer who organises events worldwide for an overseas based artist group I have lost 100% of my work and income up to October as the 126 stage performances we had booked up 1 October in many different countries have all cancelled directly from Covid-19. The information provided by IBB was very clear that the 5000€ can only be used for Betriebskosten (operating costs - e.g. business related insurances, professional law and tax fees, transport, rent and expenses associated with a work premise). This is excellent for small shops etc that need to pay rent. But for people like me who work from home in a 1-room flat, we have very few operating costs by the Finanzamt's definition. But we still have to pay our rent and power etc which recognised by the Finanzamt only as personal costs for which we need our income for. If people want to know what they can use this 5000€ for then I think they should be looking at the Betriebskosten section of their tax declaration. As to how it will be checked/audited, I think its obvious that people will need to show the Finanzamt next year (through their tax advisor/2020 tax declaration) that the operating costs were 5000€ or more for 3 or 6 months from 1 March 2020. I believe the IBB clearly stated any amount not used up by this would need to be repaid (presumably through the tax payment). Weren't Freelancers instructed to apply for Hartz IV to cover their personal costs, i.e. everything other than the Finanzamt's definition of operating costs? Please correct me if I am wrong on these points or provide this additional information to people if I am correct so they can make the right choices with their spending.

Belinda more than 1 year ago


pretty impressed that this streaming DJ thing is happening.
I wonder if that can continue even when clubs reopen.
it's pretty sick that DJs fly halfway around the world every weekend to work for four hours. To me there's no difference between that and a businessman flying to another country for a meeting. So much pollution.
oh, and thanks for the money!!! It was a big relief since all my projects, jobs, and exhibitions for the next six months disappeared almost over night!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Dave more than 1 year ago

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