The cost of sex



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i buy my own condoms i don't ask for insurance to buy it. why should someone else pay for your stupidity. that is, letting someone sticking a dick into you without protection and expecting for someone else to pay for it.

Vivi more than 2 years ago

Did you ever have sex?

Apparently you don't have a lot of experience, but quite often condoms break or swipe. So maybe, instead of calling stupid thousands of people with a uterus that you don't even know, ask some friends who have experience with sex. They will explain to you why lots of people with a uterus take the pill even when their partner wear a condom.

Ask before being aggressive more than 1 year ago

Family Planning, Abortion in Germany.

I had the shock of my life 4 months after I got to Germany. Cost of morning after pill very high 30€ minimum, the pills was more expensive. More shock, as I eventually got pregnant, the process for abortion is most tedious and frustrating. Then came the cost of IUS, IUD and the hormonal implants. After a careful thought, I decided to head back to my Country to get Family Planning service because it is free. I also used the time home to replan my stay in Germany. I have decided I am boarding the next available flight home immediately I finish my MSc. I feel Germany has deliberately made it difficult if not impossible for international and immigrants to properly integrate by putting impediments such as high cost family planning and abortion in the way.

Marianne more than 2 years ago

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