The future of a car-free Bergmannkiez



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Larger perspective

I also live next to the Bergmanstr. and find the project great! At the same time, it would be important to consider that the car-dynamic at the corner next to Markthalle becomes too busy, as well as the adjacent streets, like Gneisenau Str. experience more traffic congestion. Therefore, I hope that there is a larger project in mind.

Vasy 31 days ago

Kiez heaven

I live on bergmannstr and admit they’ve made a few strange trials the last few years but finally they are starting block the traffic and its awesome. This street is a paradise for community and its only going to get better when they stop the cars altogether. The drivers of Berlin will be fine once they’re used to it. It’s like having a park or green space anywhere else.

Jo 34 days ago


Let’s face it cars will become history in city Centres In The next few years, it is about time and long overdue. Personally I love it there and think it will be a great success.

Toby 34 days ago

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