The holiday rental crackdown



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The only sensible argument against holiday lets is the potential for noisy visitors to disturb long term residents.

Otherwise, people should be free to do whatever the fuck they want with their property.

Al more than 4 years ago


You guys offer a platform for illegal transactions and illegal holiday renting. And you even dare to complain about new laws. Wow...

Gilbert more than 4 years ago

Actually no...

Your comment is factually incorrect. Exberliner Flat Rentals offers only flats with a minimum of one month stay. These are not holiday rentals. Our service is 100% legal.

Maurice Frank more than 4 years ago

i was like oh my god, so awesome you know!

i think it is probably a good thing. some areas of the city are just fully taken by tourists, and businesses that want to exploit them. they don't get the city at all, are happy to be exploited and have no intention to integrate, why would they? they should prohibit group travels too. :) alone, a person is more prone to integrate and have an authentic experience wherever they go.

tjago san more than 7 years ago


Just quoting here: "After years of running his holiday apartments unofficially and tax-free, Damon ... earning him a mean €4000 profit per month. ... a €7000 tax back payment ..." Is he really whining about being taxed that heavily? I'll never get it - why theese folks don't go were they came from to try to set up their unofficial business tax free there, huh? - And for the hotels and hostels (DEHOGA) - they pay the taxmen for sure!

cupidity more than 7 years ago

Hotel lobby puppets

Basically they are going to take away your basic right as an owner to use the apartment the way you want. Many, many people will become unemployed. Tourists will simply stop visiting areas like Prenzlauer Berg. Some cafes and shops will probably go out of business. Hotels will gain, they will exploit cheap labor and turn everything into an impersonal, industrial concept. Some people won't be able to afford living here any longer. Berlin has the most expensive energy costs and health costs of Europe. Many people that rent apartments do it legally and always pay taxes. They also contribute to the economy and tourism. I would say that Berlin is becoming a dead city, looking more like disneyworld than anything else. The future is in Leipzig, or even abroad.

michael p. more than 7 years ago

basic rights

It doesn't happen to be your "basic right" in Germany to rent out your apartment as if it were a hotel.

If you want to run a hotel you have to conform to regulations for hotels.

I think if you are looking for the freedom of unbound capitalism you are in the wrong country (thank goodness).

Robin more than 5 years ago


the real problem is human greed. greed of a city government desperate to be like all the other rich German cities and European capitals. greed of the individuals who want to make a tax-free buck.
I see no problem with renting out your apartment if you have to leave it for a period of time (for work, vacation, etc) but if it's your job, the way you earn money, then be a decent citizen and pay tax on your earnings like the rest of us. We all need street lights and roads and public parks and schools for our children, etc - why should you take money from people visiting this city, yet not contribute to the city financially? It's human nature to go to a place and use up all it's resources, then move on, it's what we've done throughout history. But this way of living can no longer work - there's too many people and too little resources for us all to live like this. It's time we all recognised the fact that we are all part of one giant organism - the earth - and until we live as a sharing community rather than greedy individuals, the problems in this city, and the rest of the world, are going to get worse and worse.

Dave more than 7 years ago

only Pankow?

Is the law enforced in Prenzlauer Berg?

ein Berliner more than 7 years ago

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