The magical realist of climate politics: Tadzio Müller



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Environmental messaging

I know he's fighting the good fight and I'm 110% behind getting off coal a.s.a.p.... but is this guy from Frankurt (a. M., not a. d. O., surprise, surprise) seriously going to coal miners in Eastern Germany and saying "Hey, there's no solution for your future, but at least you can go on welfare, unlike your brothers in South America, so suck it up, asshole"? That Besserwessi grandstanding might sound great to us urban hipster expats and make us feel virtuous... but I hope SOMEONE in the anti-coal movement is doing a better job of messaging to regions and to people who themselves have been marginalized and shunted into welfare and screwed over for ages. And I wish the media would stop putting the spotlight on people with such divisive messages. "They will always fight us" - talk about a self-fufilling prophecy. The situation is too urgent for that.

Isabel more than 2 years ago


Why put this as a East-West thing? The Rhineland is in the West.

But I agree with you that "They will always fight us" is a little unambitious for a movement that has "System change not climate change" on its flags. We should give meaning to the shallow "Just Transition" and work together on alternatives which are more than a Amazon supply centre.

Nina more than 2 years ago

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