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Tegel Demise

Such a shame for this historic building. I cannot remember the number of times I went through Tegel, always noticing the detail. So much history there - from the unfortunate period of The Blockade, the thousands of soldiers and peacemakers going through its doors, to the end of the Berlin Wall and the world's people that came to see Berlin re-unifed and re-injected with new energy and life. And on a personal note, it's through those frosted glass doors I walked through one last time, crying as I left Berlin in 1990 - my heart was left there. It goes without mention, it is one more structure in Berlin's skyline claiming individuality, disappearing. Bigger is not always better.

Alex Arce more than 8 years ago

I agree completely

Yup. Tegel will be sorely missed. It truly is the best airport in the world... hands-down.
No nonsense. Walk in. Get on the plane. Get off the plane. Walk out. No fuss, hassle or endless walking through mazes of terminals & gates, looking for parking, etc.

I personally wish the new airport would simply disappear... or magically transform into a larger version of Tegel.
The architect/designer of the new airport, should have considered all of the best qualities of Tegel & incorporated them into the design lay-out. Instead, it's going to be just one more ridiculous headache like every other airport in the world.

Dear Tegle, I will miss you, your ease of use, your ease of access & your highly functional, highly practical design. Your most devoted fan, Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross more than 8 years ago

Spot-on article!

Nicely-written, and a respectful ode to the world's greatest airport. Couldn't agree more, especially with "Big Brother Lite"...what a goddamn treat to take a few steps off the plane, get your passport stamped without delay or interrogation, have your suitcase be the second one out at the sole baggage claim, and grab a coach to head downtown in 15 minutes. Tegel is my hands-down favourite airport. Fuck the new one!

Miss Detritus more than 8 years ago

But Schonefeld...

But good riddance to schoneleld, it is awful!!

Bash more than 8 years ago

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