Tying the Tinder knot



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Dating apps are making things worse

People are becoming too reliant on dating apps and stop trying in person. They are also designed to keep people using them. If you are hoping for a steady relationship, if either of you are regularly using one of these apps, you will have a very tough time committing to one person. Your mind is fooled into thinking someone better is just a match and a few texts away. And this happens after every date. If you match with someone you think is great, odds are they won't think the same and vice versa. There's also the artificial scarcity to push end users to purchase premiums and an imbalance between single men actively looking for women and single women looking for men on the apps (far more the former). Yeah, a small percent beat the odds, the rest are the reasons these companies make so much money (the ones that are popular enough).

Ben more than 2 years ago

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