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3 Days in Quiberon


Built on the promise of revealing the woman behind the legend that is Romy Schneider, over the course of an intimate three-day interview given by the iconic German actress towards the end of her life, this well-acted but altogether unspectacular chamber piece offers little more than the adequate entertainment one may expect from a serving of middlebrow Europudding. The cast is uniformly strong. Uncanny Schneider looka-like Bäumer shares with perennial character actors Gwisdek and Minichmayr several impressive scenes, where the dynamics of trust and manipulation between a movie star, a journalist and a friend play out with rhythmic naturalism. But the raw quality of these performances can’t save this overlong drama from losing steam. Myth-defying revelations or not, at some point you kind of stop caring. 

3 Days in Quiberon | Directed by Emily Atef (Germany 2018) with Marie Bäumer, Birgit Minichmayr. Starts April 12

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