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  • 3D bloodfest falls flat


3D bloodfest falls flat

OUT NOW! We return to the battle fields of Ancient Greece in 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, though are left largely unsatisfied.

Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name, this companion to 300 sees Stapleton in the role of Themistokles, Athenian politician and legendary war hero, as he tries to unify Greece against the vengeful demigod Xerxes and his beautiful – but batshit – one-woman army and admiral, Artemisia. It’s a gorgeous three-dimensional blood fest that would probably satisfy die-hard fans, but it unfortunately lacks the novelty and the strong script that made the predecessor’s success. Ultimately, it’s just more of the same – only with less acting.

300: Rise of an Empire | Directed by Noam Murro (USA 2014) with Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green. Starts March 6