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7 Days in Entebbe


How do you make a dramatisation of the 1976 German-Palestinian hijacking of Air France Flight 139, and the ensuing high-stakes hostage rescue mission, spirit-sappingly boring? This is the question you’ll likely be wrestling with after suffering through this curiously inert thriller. The narrative burdens itself with stilted stubborn room scenes (in which the unsubtly lionised Israeli officials all inexplicably speak English) and a deadweight subplot that seems to exist solely so that a stunningly choreographed dance sequence can bookend the action. By the time the credits roll, the specifics will already be fading from your memory. Only Rosamund Pike’s valiant performance as a guilt-ridden German left-wing radical comes close to elevating this above made-for-TV territory. 

7 Days in Entebbe | Directed by José Padilha (UK, US 2018) with Rosamund Pike, Daniel Brühl. Starts May 3.

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