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OUT NOW! Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a great performance as a co-pilot whose plane is hijacked on a flight from Berlin to Paris, but unfortunately the film falls short on landing.

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Photo courtesy of Universum. Catch 7500 in Berlin cinemas now!

Set almost exclusively in the cockpit of a commercial plane, 7500 is an intense watch. Tobias Ellis (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a co-pilot of a flight from Berlin to Paris, and when it is hijacked, he must overcome adversity and his emotions to safely land the plane. Suspense is created superbly through camerawork, a lack of score and, most notably, another brilliant performance by Gordon-Levitt. Unfortunately, the first and final 20 minutes are laborious and un-engaging; what is intended to be a high emotion finale is undermined by a complete lack of cinematic force. Omid Memar does well as the frightened 18-year-old that got caught up in something he shouldn’t have, but is let down by the lack of exposition for any character other than the main protagonist. There have been many brilliant films set almost exclusively in one room, but 7500 falls short and doesn’t quite stick the landing.

7500 | Directed by Patrick Vollrath (Germany, Austria, 2019), with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Starts Dec 26.

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