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Takin’ a break

OUT NOW! TAKEN 2 takes our fave family to Turkey where Neeson proves he ain't no chicken.

Ex-CIA Agent Bryan Mills (Neeson) has settled into a life obsessing over the daughter (Grace) he rescued in the first Taken. When he invites her and his ex-wife (Janssen) to Istanbul for a few days of relaxation, the trio finds themselves battling an Albanian patriarch hell bent on avenging the son who died in the first movie. Megaton’s orchestration (see interview, right) of roof top chases and an endless supply of mindless thugs make Neeson and Grace look good but as the hero himself realises at the end, you can get tired of killing.

96 Hours: Taken 2 | Directed by Olivier Megaton (France 2012) with Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace. Starts October 11