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  • Sports fans: run!


Sports fans: run!

OUT NOW! Not only is the plot in PLAYING FOR KEEPS cliché, but it misses the ball.

Backed by an impressive cast, and Muccino’s previous success (“Seven Pounds”), “Playing for Keeps” is utterly disappointing.

Butler plays a washed-up soccer star who wants to win back his ex-wife (Biel) and son by coaching the kid’s soccer team in Virginia, attracting a colossal amount of female attention (mums, widows and wives) in the process. A soccer scene in the rain nostalgically reminds us of Butler in his 300 prime. Does he get the ex-wife, the son, and the sports-casting job with ESPN? Take a guess.

Playing for Keeps (Kiss the Coach) | Directed by Gabriele Muccino (USA 2012) with Gerard Butler, Dennis Quaid, Jessica Biel. Starts April 11