A Ghost Story

OUT NOW! Casey Affleck plays the white-sheeted ghost in David Lowery's suspenseful spooky fantasy A GHOST STORY.

David Lowery’s straightforwardly titled latest follows “C” (Casey Affleck) as he is condemned to haunt his grieving wife “M” (Rooney Mara),as well as the future occupants of their house, after his untimely death in a car crash. This singular supernatural fable is heartbreaking and frequently thought-provoking – no small feat for a film which largely consists of Affleck clad in a budget Halloween costume (a white sheet with two eyeholes), helplessly watching the world as it continues to spin without him. Lowery risks further ridicule with a five-minute scene in which Mara literally fills her spiritual void by mainlining an entire pie in a single sitting. But beyond its absurd flourishes, the lm achieves profundity through its heartfelt meditation on the nature of grief. While the languorous pace won’t be for everyone, A Ghost Story is unlike anything you’ve seen this year. 

A Ghost Story | Directed by David Lowery (US 2017) with Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara. Starts December 7

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