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Brutal free fall

OUT NOW! Our favourite meth dealer didn't see this come down on the horizon in A LONG WAY DOWN which falls further than expected.

A Long Way Down hits Berlin cinemas April 3.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse… What happened, bitch? A mere six months after the Breaking Bad curtain rapturously closed, co-star Aaron Paul fnds himself in the cinematic wilderness. His latest subpar outing is a Nick Hornby adaptation, which finds four would-be suicides on the roof of London’s fctional Toppers House on New Year’s Eve. The group forms a pact to keep itself intact till Valentine’s Day and worthless schmaltz ensues. Do us all a favour and jump.

A Long Way Down | Directed by Pascal Chaumeil (UK 2014) with Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette. Starts April 3

Originally published in issue #126, April 2014