Kidnapped plot

OUT NOW! In ABDUCTION, Twilight star Taylor Lautner beefs up for this spy story so top secret, it may not exist.

What’s truly terrifying about this film is not blood and frightful shocks, it’s the extent to which producers underestimate the average teenager. No one expects Taylor Lautner (of dubious Twilight fame) to be able to act. The poor kid reminds one of one of those high school football stars who are told that they might just make it to college on an athletic scholarship if they beef up over the summer.

Lautner did just that and now looks like a photoshopped version of himself. So it’s not his fault that the producers of Abduction didn’t even take the trouble to find a writer who can fashion a script around a non-acting hulk. God knows they exist – there are more films to prove it than one could count.

But Abduction ain’t one of them. After his parents are killed and his house is blown up by evil secret agents in a premature showdown worthy of a teenager’s first-time jitters, Nathan (Lautner) finds out he was actually adopted by good secret agents who wanted to protect his identity because his real dad is also a secret agent.

Heard enough? It gets more and more ridiculous, in a very fast and action-y manner, until Nathan gets the girl. By this time you will want to cradle your head on the popcorn for a nice doze.

Abduction/Atemlos – Gefährliche Wahrheit | Directed by John Singleton (USA 2011) with Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins. Starts October 13