Academic rigour

OUT NOW! HANNAH ARENDT sees Barbara Sukowa nail the Jewish philosopher during the trial of a Nazi war criminal.

largely on the famous Jewish philosopher’s coverage
 of Nazi criminal Eichmann’s
1961 trial in Jerusalem,
 von Trotta serves up another strong-minded woman.
 Sukowa is great as Arendt: a cool and deliberate mind dedicated to non-partisan assessment of what became known as “the banality of evil”. However, like Arendt, the film is prone to dispassion. Throwback scenes of her affair with Heidegger and a spirited performance from McTeer as Mary McCarthy insert emotion, but the film is essentially, like its subject, a model of academic rigour.

Hannah Arendt | Directed by Margarethe von
Trotta (Germany, Luxemburg,
 France 2012) with Barbara
 Sukowa, Axel Milberg, Janet
 McTeer. Starts January 10