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All about courage

Zeughauskino's month of films about courage may be just what you need to keep from hibernating from the cold.

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With winter approaching and the thermometer dropping dangerously close to zero, even finding courage to leave the comfortably-heated apartment can be a mountain to climb. But if you do so, chances are Aktion Mensch’s ueber MUT festival will let you in a whole other world of courage. That might, for example, be by risking your life for a cause that you really believe in, like the Greenpeace activists on the Rainbow Warrior ship fighting against nuclear testing activities in the 1980s (Rainbow Warriors, November 6, 21:30 and November 13, 18:00). And maybe even more courageous is the Palestinian Ayed Morrar uniting Palestinian and Israeli people in a peaceful demonstration to save his hometown Budrus from the fatal consequences of the ‘separation barrier’ (Budrus, November 13, 21:00 and November 14, 18:00). So dig out the warm clothes from the bottom of your closet and make your way through the November cold.

UEBER MUT, November 4-14 | Zeughauskino, Unter den Linden 2, Mitte, U+S-Bahn Friedrichstraße. www.uebermut.de