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All the Money in the World


Based on real events, Ridley Scott’s 1970s period drama sees the grandson of the then-richest man in the world, John Paul Getty, get kidnapped. The victim’s mother begs her ex-father in-law for help; he refuses to pay the ransom. The film’s release has been overshadowed by the allegations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey, who had completed filming his role as Getty. Even if Spacey’s last-minute replacement, Christopher Plummer, dominates the film, the end result remains a kidnap thriller that’s curiously lacking in thrills. This is mostly due to the stilted three-part structure, which hinders the build-up of suspense and only serves to highlight how Scott managed to pull off the eleventh-hour reshoots. Still, despite the fact that the behind-the-scenes controversy is the most exciting thing about it, it’s worth seeing for Williams’ and Plummer’s performances.

All the Money in the World | Directed by Ridley Scott (US, 2017) with Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer. Starts February 15

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