Alles ist gut


A worthy winner of the Best First Feature award at last month’s Locarno Film Festival, this keenly observed drama sees 30-something Janne (a remarkable Aenne Schwarz) sexually assaulted after a booze-fuelled school reunion. She keeps the experience to herself, but is forced to revisit it when it transpires that her assailant Martin (Hans Löw) is her new boss’ brother-in-law. It may sound contrived on paper, but Trobisch’s nuanced approach to the material renders it utterly convincing. A host of complex circumstances conspire to make Janne feel complicit in the attack, while Martin is given space to evolve beyond his initial role as a two-dimensional creep into a more compellingly multifaceted character. It’s refreshing to see such an emotive subject handled with such level-headedness.

Alles ist Gut Starts | Directed by Eva Trobisch (Germany 2018) with Aenne Schwarz, Andreas Döhler. Starts September 27

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