A troubled mind

OUT NOW! ALOIS NEBEL is haunted by memories of WWII in this graphic novel impressively come to life.

Alois Nebel opens in Berlin on December 12.

Centred on a station guard (Krobot) who can’t shake off the horror of events witnessed as a child during WWII as Germans were deported from what was then Sudetenland, the eponymous Nebel (Krobot) is both irritatingly elliptical and visually impressive. Reflecting the interior of a troubled mind and the confusion of unexplored trauma however, this rotoscoped B&W version of Jaroslav Rudis’ graphic novel is reminiscent, almost, of WG Sebald’s moribund, train-tracked landscapes. For that, all credit.  

Alois Nebel | Directed by Tomás Lunák (Czech Republic, Germany 2011) with Miroslav Krobot, Marie Ludvíková, Karel Roden. Starts December 12

Originally published in issue #122, December 2013.