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Dream-filled pasts

OUT NOW! Based on Clemens Myer's novel about boys in Leipzig post-reunification, ALS WIR TRÄUMTEN is interesting, but sometimes heavy-handed.

A Zeit-document that could have done with crisper editing, Dresen’s adaptation of Clemens Meyer’s cult novel on Leipzig’s pre-Wende structures and the dream-filled political and practical void that followed reunification is perhaps overly committed to physical manifestations of break-out freedom narratives: underground techno, drugs and high hopes. But disorientation is palpable and tinged Dresen-style with humour and social realism – and a camaraderie that keeps the faith but can’t displace realities.

Als Wir Träumten | Directed by Andreas Dresen (Germany 2014) with Merlin Rose, Julius Nitschkoff, Joel Basman. Starts February 26

Originally published in issue #136, March 2015