Suburban ages

OUT NOW! The unlikely and moving friendship between a mooching 21-year-old and pensioner Sadie done well makes STARLET shine.

Fourth-generation (Dree) Hemingway gives a convincing performance as Jane, a young woman drifting around LA with her pet pooch and some less conventional acting aspirations who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Sadie (newcomer Johnson), an older woman from whom she buys a thermos (plus unexpected content) at a yard sale. Played out in cars and homes, stores and parks, the naturalist dialogue and unpretentious cinematography harness this mismatched pair to a movingly honest exploration of suburban isolation.

Starlet | Directed by Sean Baker, D.J. Devereux (UK, USA 2012) with Dree Hemingway, Besedka Johnson. Starts May 9