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Army of non-lovers

OUT NOW! KOI NO TSUMI turns out another militant sex shocker with a not-so-strong narrative.

Cult Japanese director Sono (Suicide Club) turns out another shocker, concentrating here on the sexual proclivities of three women in various stages of liberation from male-dominated Japanese society: a female detective investigating the grisly murder of a young woman, and the two women whose indulgence in sex as an expression of the ultimate ‘f… you’ attitude sets off the events leading to that murder. Shades of the great Ôshima only serve to remind us that the militant sex shock factor would have profited from a stronger narrative framework.

Koi No Tsumi (Guilty of Romance) | Directed by Shion Sono (Japan 2011) with Miki Mizuno, Makoto Togashi, Megumi Kagurazaka. Starts July 19