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A nice dose of Ostalgie

OUT NOW! THIS AIN'T CALIFORNIA, the GDR counterpart to Dogtown and Z-Boys, illustrates instinctive rebellion perfectly.

Ready or not for more Ostalgie, check out this crowd-funded, prizewinning documentary on some unlikely bedfellows: the GDR, punk and skateboarding. Golden boy Denis holds the attention effortlessly, the archetypical ‘only the good die young’ kid whose 15 minutes skateboarding on Alex pre Mauerfall were captured on Super 8 film in a testimony to instinctive rebellion. Narrated by friends who lost touch with him after 1989 and came together in 2011 to mourn his spirit, it’s a perfectly tuned, unexpected counterpart to Dogtown and Z-Boys.

This Ain’t California | Directed by Marten Persiel (Germany 2012) documentary. Starts August 2