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OUT NOW! Breathtakingly beautiful and visceral, "Aquarela" per­sonifies water as this documentary’s only character. A must-see on the biggest screen you can find.

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Photo courtesy of Neue Visionen. Catch Aquarela in Berlin cinemas now!

Breathtakingly beautiful and visceral, Aquarela per­sonifies water as this documentary’s only character, which transforms itself into many different shapes, depending on its mood swings. Kossakovsky and his team journeyed all around the world and risked their lives on many occasions during their shoot; they drove on the thin ice of frozen Lake Baikal in Russia, cruised between icebergs in Greenland and braved Hurricane Irma in Miami. Without any voice over or much music (apart from occasional hypnotic heavy-metal score of Eicca Toppinen), this cinematic waterscape uses the power of visuals and sounds to inspire and frighten. Kossakovsky’s gaze is unflinching, protruding and meditative, and through this immersive, thrilling experi­ence, one cannot help but be immersed in thoughts regarding the fragility of human life and the imminent consequences of climate change. A must-see, on the biggest screen you can find.

Aquarela | Directed by Viktor Kossakovsky (UK, Germany, Denmark, USA 2018). Starts Dec 12.

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