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Artistic treachery

OUT NOW! ANDERSON artfully documents the confrontation of the titular artist and Stasi-informant, leaving the audience to ponder the intricacies of betrayal.

Set partly in the recreated kitchen of GDR dissidents Wilfriede and Ekkehard Maaß, Hendel attempts to confront Sascha Anderson, darling of East Berlin’s underground art scene, with his past. This is where they all sat, working on protest projects – the details of which Anderson passed to the Stasi. Creatively merging confrontation and testimony as documentarian techniques, Hendel’s film fails to explain treachery. But what feels like failure turns to strength as we come to appreciate the complexities and reverberations of betrayal. 

Anderson | Directed by Annekatrin Hendel (Germany 2014) with Sascha Anderson, Wilfriede Maaß, Ekkehard Maaß. Starts October 2

Originally published in issue #131, October 2014.